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Chronic Funding Shortfalls Frustrate County Coroners
The California Health Report, 6/28/16
Coroners throughout California and the nation say a chronic shortage of funds to pay for medical examinations and investigation endangers the public health.


Under New Law, Cops Carrying Overdose Drug Are Saving Lives
State of Health, 2/1/16
Last year California lawmakers authorized police officers to carry naloxone, also commonly known by a brand name, Narcan. Now, a handful of law enforcement agencies are issuing the emergency medication to officers.



Los Angeles County Struggles With Mentally Ill Inmates
The California Health Report, 8/24/14
One of every five Los Angeles County Jail inmates has been diagnosed with a mental illness, a statistic that leads authorities to describe the jail system as the nation's largest mental institution. As county authorities prepare to modernize their jail, the Los Angeles County District Attorney is joining calls for a system to get the mentally ill out of the penal system and into more effective treatment.


Ojai Residents May Buy Out Company That Supplies Their Water
The California Report, 8/27/13
Voters in Ojai, east of Santa Barbara, decide Tuesday whether to buy out the private company that provides their water. The little city is one of a number across the nation that have soured on private water over a series of rate hikes in recent years.


Ontario Airport Struggles to Stay Aloft
The California Report, 6/7/12
The sluggish economic recovery and volatile jet fuel prices have made for a lot of airline industry turbulence in recent years. As airlines reduce less profitable routes, smaller airports are often the first to suffer. Ontario International Airport east of Los Angeles is a case in point.

Bankruptcy 'Not an Option' to help L.A.
Marketplace Morning Report, 4/26/10
Los Angeles' high pension costs are a big budgetary problem for the city, and bankruptcy may be
on the horizon. But L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa insists that's not an option.

The Buzz on the Border
The Press-Enterprise, 4/14/05
Drawn up for the first time on the Mexican frontier, the Minutemen try to define a movement.

A Dramatic Pause Over a Dramatic Role
The Christian Science Monitor, 9/18/03
Hollywood watches, deadpan, as Arnold Schwarzenegger enters the race for governor of California.

Some San Bernardino city officials say
neglect responsible for budget crumble

The Press-Enterprise, 2/13/09
Long before the current recession hit, San Bernardino City Hall was warned to bring order to its finances.


San Bernardino City Hall needs
seismic retrofit, engineers say

The Press-Enterprise, 09/28/07
San Bernardino City Hall was constructed using techniques that were outlawed two years after the building was completed. Now, upgrades to address seismic risks could cost half what the building is worth.

Ventura County Truancy Crackdown
The California Report, 1/21/03
Law enforcement officials see a link between skipping school and committing much more serious offenses later on. In Ventura County, Calif., authories are trying to make truants change their ways with especially severe penalties.



Criminal Justice

Jail Payoffs
NPR: All Things Considered, 6/3/97
The Los Angeles County Jail offers cash settlements after keeping inmates locked up too long.

Aging Inmates
Marketplace, 7/23/03
California's prison system is the biggest and most expensive in the country. And it's getting more expensive as the incarcerated population ages.


A Child Before the Law
Monitor Radio, 6/24/97
The case of a 14-year-old boy who shot and killed his mother raises questions about a new California law that lowers the age threshold for trying minors as adults.



Law Enforcement

Training Police to Better Respond to Autism
The California Health Report, 9/19/16
(KPCC-FM picked up the story; I'm using that version because it leads with the photo I prefer.)
Amid increased public scrutiny of law enforcement tactics, some Southern California agencies have started specialized training to help officers read the signs of autism and respond appropriately.


Law Enforcement-Autism

Two Illegal Narcotics Arrests Alleged

The Press-Enterprise, 7/17/08
A police narcotics squad leader is accused of holding suspects “on ice” in the city jail, without charge.


San Bernardino police executive allegedly advised
police staff to avoid “use of force” in reports

The Press-Enterprise, 10/1/08
A patrol supervisor urges officers to use an “innocuous phrase” in reporting confrontations or arrests that involve the use of force.



San Bernardino police sergeant's memo draws reactions
The Press-Enterprise, 5/14/07
A police supervisor has urged officers to downgrade reports on some alleged robberies involving drug transactions, calling the incidents “civil matters.”


Police captain douses shoes, stirs mystery
The Press-Enterprise, 1/24/09
Department brass aren't saying why a captain gathered up all the stray shoes in a department locker
room, pitched them in the shower and turned on the water, ruining at least $500 worth of footwear.